About Simutrans

Simutrans (by Hansjoerg Malthaner) is an transportation simulator that is somewhat of a clone of Transport Tycoon. However, the game already has or eventually will have many advantages and improvements over TT. For one, the game is very customizable, and with some work, you are able to add your own vehicles and buildings. Simutrans' architecture and routing virtually guarantees that your vehicles will not become lost or mis-routed. And Simu is rapidly including more industry types, from steel to coal, to plastics to books.

The object of Simutrans is to transport goods between industries (or passengers) by road or rail. You, the master builder, command a transport empire in the making, as you use the wide variety of tools available to you to craft the landscape and build various transport vehicles, to move passengers and cargo throughout the little micro-world of SimuTrans. You can build large stations to draw in as many passengers as you can and set up smaller feeder bus routes to help ferry more potential passengers in! You can also use oil tankers and ferries to get your precious cargo across large bodies of water![View of a city in Simutrans]

Hansjoerg, or Hajo as he is popularly known, started writing the game in 1997 as a hands-on experience in object-oriented programming. Other people became aware of the project through various means, such as websites, and contributed and continue to contribute their various talents to the production of the game.

To help promote the game and give a name to the effort to produce Simutrans, the Simutrans Unlimited Project has been established. This international group spans two continents and will create several mirror sites for downloading Simutrans as well as publicising and promoting the effort to improve and release the game.

This site is one of those places. Here you will have access to a myriad of information documentation, instruction manuals, sample savegames, and the program files themselves. With all of this, you may even be able to create objects to be used in the game.

The Screenshots page is next it  will show you some of the things you will see in Simutrans, and provide links to places you can obtain Simutrans. Also, take a look at some of the various industries you can try to conquer in Simutrans, on the Industry Reference Page!

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