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Tim McLees

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Damien Karolev

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Welcome to Shuuichi's Vault of Anime Mistings, your one-stop shop for quality Mistings with anime orientation, unusual creations, and community connection.

  • NEWS UPDATE: 1/26
  • Well, this is it. After a couple weeks of brainstorming and a flash of inspiration, I'm finally wrapping up the groundwork for SVAM's 4th Stage... Without further ado BEHOLD: EVERYTHING WHAT IS CRAP!
  • Obviously, the big thing to be noted is that I'm wanting to take my website in a new direction, as well as a new name. MSTings will still be a core factor in the site's premise, but I'm also wanting to do more on the weird world of Geekdom. So check it out, and look at the new FAQs and boards for future information. Thanks for the support! --Tim
  • EWIC Questions & Answeres Some info on what the new site's all about & what brought on the change.
  • Club SVAM/EWIC! Still up & running, if you want to leave comments & talk. Same format, new location, so change your bookmarks!

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