Shuuichi's Vault of Anime Mistings
SVAM has its own server at, port 6667. There we have two major channels.

If you are new, read the FAQ for more information before logging on. Regular users should review the FAQ reguarly for any changes.

Please note: Due to disruption by a few AOL users we have had to BAN AOL access to our server. Please contact our Server Admin,, for access.

Our major meeting place is #C-ko'sChatHall (note the lack of spaces). There we talk, hang out, and in general enjoy each other's company. You can also use your own IRC client and sign on to #C-ko'sChatHall and by connecting to on to, port 6667.


  • Pirch - a strong scripting-oriented IRC client.
  • mIRC - perhaps the classic Windows IRC client.

  • Ircle - the Macintosh IRC client.

  • Alphaworks - An experimental ibm Java IRC chat program.
  • IrcHelp - Want to know more about IRC? An excellent resource
  • Davecentral - A strange name, but an excellent, easy-to-search software resource with plenty of Internet-related software.
  • Tucows - The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software - and more. Ever-expanding, and worth checking out.