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This shrine contains the classic MSTings of Stephen Ratliff,the Ed Wood of fan-fiction (but with better taste in clothes and a better learning curve). Join Marissa Picard, the most powerful teen in the universe, as she gets placed in charge of starships for no real reason, throttles Romulans effortlessly, and warps adult minds to her will.

Marissa Picard:Menacing Mike & the bots since 1994.

  • Enterprised part 1 and part2: The debut of 9-yr old Marissa as she and her team of kiddies are placed in charge of the saucer of the Enterprise.Highlights include GulDukat attempting to take over the Earth - with a single starship.
  • Battle For Bajor:The diabolical Gul Dukat plots his vengence against Marissa,whose parents are afflicted with a fatal plot contrievance.
  • Cadet Cruise: Picard and his freshly adopted daughter Marissa train cadets via Home-Alone esque pranks.
  • Who Q? Where Q?: Everyone's favorite omnipotent space entity whisks allthe adult Enterprised crew to the Renasainnce Festival (huh-ZAH!), leaving only Marissa and her Kid's Crew to oversee a peace treaty between space-faring Bosnians.
  • Away From Home 1:The Field Trip: Beginning of a riviting trilogy starts with Marissa and Company, shipwrecked and chased by the wig-wearing aliensfrom Fugitive Alien. Features the dramatic debut of...Ensign Throwaway!
  • Away From Home 2:The Away Mission:Teen Marissa (tm) defuses a critical hostage situation with random carnage.
  • Away From Home 3:Chasing Marissa: Swimsuit Marissa (tm) is leered at by very lonely Starfleet shmucks, and abducted by the wacky aliens from part1. Features *INTENSE**INTRODUCTION**ACTION*!
  • A Royal Mess: The brief return of Joel and TV's Frank. Also, some royalfamily gets blowed up good and Picard and Beverly Crusher get married.Unfortunately, the second part of this story isn't MSTed yet. Somehow,darling Marissa becomes a princess of the planet as a result of this debacle.
  • Royal Mess 2: After much delay, we finally learn how Marrissa becomes one of the heirs to Essex royalty.
  • Time Speeder: The undisputed *WORSE* of the entire saga, guest starring Bill Clinton! Marissa,15 and 2nd officer, warp through time after someterrorists. Witness the budding romance of Wesley Crusher and Chelsea(GYAH!), as well as the startling fact that the Star Trek series is a completelyaccurate prophecy of our future
  • A Royal Wedding, Part 1 and Part2: Marrisa and Jay, as well as Clara and Alexander, are joinedin holy matrimony, despite the fact that none of them quite reach the age of consent. Guest stars Chelsea Clinton for some unexplained reason.
  • The Captain and the Doctor: Touching side tale of how Jean-Luc and Beverly,through careful manipulation from Marissa, meet, fell in love, and married.
  • A New Generation: Steve-o's riviting saga of the "War of Romulan Dissolution" begins. Marissa, 20ish and pregnant, is promoted to Admiral
  • Premier Maquis:Rebel Ro attempts to capture a Starfleet vessel by filling in Ratliff Gas (which, naturally, only targets adults) She is captured and put on trial, with skilled lawyer Marissa as her defense attorney.
  • Falling into Command: The Romulans launch an assault on Earth, blowing up much of Starfleet HQ and most of the admirals. Starfleet's fate rests in the hands once again of Marissa.
  • Generations Ahead: This tale is written by a Ratliff fan (Na Ni!?!) Features Guinan and the ever-popular Nexus plot.
  • Dear Isabbela: Entry 3 and Entry 4: MSTing shorts of diary enteries of Clara chatting with her imaginary friend.
  • Moondusted: Stephen issued this "challenge" to RATMM (MST3K mailing list). This time,he takes a stab into anime fan-fic, placing young Marissa and her girlfriends into a Sailor Moon holodeck adventure. I'm not going to spoil who plays Tuxedo Mask. Tim McLees is partially to blame for drawing Sailor Marissa.
  • The Only Constant: Guest starring Chelsea Clinton! (yeah.) NASA astronaut Chelsea (tm) and crew get blipped into the Ratliffverse in time to help Marissa take on the Dominion. Chel and Marissa ingage in clothes shopping action, and possibly the single ickiest moment in Marissa's history
  • Battle for Bajor: Special Edition: A revised version of the earlier "A Gul's Revenge". Decent spelling, reworked scenes, and the dreaded Cardassian battleship Akane! Oy vey!
  • Ratliff-a-go-go!: Dear Isabella entries,Moondusted (WS9 Edition) and Nothing Like a Dame Pain!
  • Ratliff's Revenge Fic Challenge: Ratliff offered a challenge to his fellow ASC authors to write some revengefics. The results are not pretty. Marissa pops into Steve-o's dorm room and questions him about his stories. And li'l ol me is also on Marissa's hit list! :)
  • Marissa's Revenge 2: Marissa once again drops in on Ratliff. This time we seehim at home brainstorming with the neighborhood kids.
  • Hail to the Queen: Part1, Part2, Part3, and Part4: The time: after the "First Contact" movie. The Borg abduct a prominent Starfleet captain and augment her into their new queen. Take a wild guess who it is... Written by Rob Tonts, and features RIVITING SHIP DESCRIPTION ACTION as well as plot contrievences that would make Ratliff embarrassed.
  • Walls of Jellico: A crafty flight commander attempts to cover-up a disasterous training assignment. His will eventually crumbles under the strict interrogation of...Jay Gorden?
  • All the Kings Horses: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 and Part 4: A rather dreary story that is early in Marissa's life. Marissa's attempting to cope with her parents death. During her stay at Picard's vineyard, Jean Luc's brother Robert and Rene die. Oh, and there's horse racing aplenty as well as Marissa competes in the Belmont Stakes.
  • Home for Christmas: A somewhat touching holiday tale. Jean-Luc and Marissa return to their French vineyard to spend the holidays with the rest of the family. Awww...
  • The Seventh Fleet: Marissa is in charge of the Seventh Fleet, leading the battle against the Jem'Hadar. She blows stuff up real good, and guest MSTer Tom "Foxtrot" Cox babysits young Jackie and Rene. Perhaps Marissa's looking for an anime-style artist to chronical her adventures too. ^_^
  • The Field Trip: Here's a blast from the past a remix of the Field Trip portion from the "Away From Home" story arc.
  • Borged to Death: Roger Wilcox's parody of the Ratliff-verse. Here, Marissa is a cryogenically frozen "big gun" the Federation uses in the most desperate of situations.
  • Star Trek-Infinity: Traveling in Time Speeder: Charles Rando's "Trials and Tribble-ations" take on Time Speeder. The starship Infinity is blipped into the Ratliffverse during this story. Not only must they assist Marissa in stopping the time-traveling marauders, they must do it before they become like the adult crew of the Ratlff-verse.
  • A Method for Marissa: Matt Blackwell writes this parody tale of Crow plotting to destroy Marissa with a space/time gizmo. Amongst the cameos is John McClaine of "Die Hard" fame.
  • History Repeating: A tongue in cheek tale of Marissa's final adventure. Features loads of in-jokes and Sara, Marissa's half-Klingon, black leather wearing assassin from an alternite timeline. Written by Pete Plum
  • Digital Empire: The sequel to History Repeating. Written by Bart Fargo
  • Lines as Q: A self-insertion tale where Dave Hines (Not the MSTer of Enterprized, the *other* Dave Hines) is blipped into the Marissa verse. Hijinks ensue. Comes installed with a heart-warming WAFF scene with Jay and Marissa and a bubble bath scene that will haunt you. MSTed by our own Alicia Ashby and Matt Linkous.
  • It's Time Speeder version 2.0 with windows. Athena Prospects is Ratliff's revision of the infamous Marissa tale. Matt Blackwell assisted two teams for this special project. So, this MSTing comes in Mango and Papaya flavors. Pick your poison
  • Return to Glory: No Synopsis Yet. Thank you, please drive through
  • Kentucky Derby: More Horse Racing Action (tm)
  • No Trick This Year: The Crew get into the festive Halloween Mood.
  • Belmont Stakes: Another horse racing short, this time with the last leg of the Triple Crown
  • Winning Love by Daylight: Solo version and Group version A introspective, WAFFlicious fic as Marrissa copes after being assimilated by the Borg. Features numerous gratuitous anime references, including Sailor Senshi... OF THE FUTURE!
  • Lines As Q 2: The Sequel! Part 1 and Part 2 More Marrissa! More Martin! More gratuitous 4th Wall Breakage! And of course, More Dave Hines
  • Out of Time Sequel to the epic Lines as Q Saga.
  • Before the Dawn Marrissa visits Deep Space Nine.
  • Royal and Prime Directive